why carrera Berlin

"Carrera Berlin" is a project of mail-art done by it's participants.

An image of a runner must be chosen, it can be one's own picture, or a stolen one, an illustration, an object, a sausage with legs... Once selected and after the starting signal it must be sent by mail to the gallery. Each person can have one or more runners.

Once there the postcards will be hang in order of arrival in the gallery window. This window will be photographed during the process and shown on the website.
To make the project a success you can invite your friends to participate.

The object of this projects is to have fun and to promote the sport of communication and mail-art and it even has another one: An exhibition in Berlin and an online one.

It's not necessary to be in good shape, there's no rush, the motto of the race is "Step by step you get anywhere". That's it.
The runners will have the freedom to arrive fast or slow, to wander, to get lost on the way there, to arrive at the wrong place, to get worn out, to get there jumping from house to house, to be captured by the authorities and be sent back home.