why carrera berlin

1- a postcard must be sent, and the size is free (emails and carrier pigeons will not be considered)
2- when? after the starting signal that will be announced by email and on the web. It will be on friday the 6th of November.
3- its not necessary to be an artist, we are looking for spontaneity and that's why the announcement is being made just a day before. Anyway we love lazy runners as well.
4 - On one side of teh card you could have the runner and on the other side the address of the gallery and the stamp.
5- Better without an envelope so that the runner can be cool and the gallerist will not want to kill me for having to open so many letters!
6- It would be fantastic if runners were scanned or photographed before being mailed and those images sent to carreraberlin@yahoo.es (if a runners gets lost and doesn't arrive at least it will be part of the virtual exhibition as "runners who didn't make it to the finish line")
7- every person can have one or more runners (that is, one can sends as many postcard as wanted)
8- it doesn't matter what the runner looks like.
9- it's important that he wears a number, although if he doesn't have it will not be desqualified. Furthermore all desquelified runners are most welcome.
10- race begins: at the nearest mail box or post office
11- the circuit is up to the mailman, the luck, or the humor of the sender ( final destination should be the gallery, but the letter could make several stops on the way there if the sender wishes so)
12- the message: if you want to use the trip to send some words, you are also welcome ( all languages are accepted)
13- Leave white space in the postcard to write the following:
time of arrival:
14- destination:
carrera Berlin
Denise S. Puri
dz. Büro-Galerie / Galerie R31
Reuterstr. 31
12047 Berlin- Neukölln